Trivial Pursuit Unhinged Microsoft Original Xbox Video Game atari board game [Used/Refurbished]

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  • Game Disc
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  • Graphics/Artwork Insert


The incredibly popular board game that is familiar to so many people round the world is finally brought to interactive life with the release for the first time on PC. This is Trivial Pursuit like no-one's ever seen it. Those who love the board game won't be disappointed as it stays true to the brand values and basic game mechanics of the board game. But Unhinged creates a new, highly colourful, exciting way to play, complete with multimedia.
Being smart helps, being sneaky wins!

  • Trivial Pursuit Unhinged takes all the great features of the board game and takes it up a level. Ever wished you could steal other players' wedges, or get bonus points for knowing extra trivia about a question? Well now you can...
  • Classic Mode - based on the traditional board game, with similar rules
  • Flash Mode - a 'quick trivia fix' game enabling you to answer 6 questions in a row
  • Unhinged Mode - this is where you break the rules! It's highly interactive, with multi media clips, the ability to steal