NEW PS3 Datel Max Media Manager Pro Software SAVE DVD MOVIES & CD MUSIC to HDD

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[SP323-.6] For sale is Max Media Manager Pro from Datel and for your Playstation-3 console.  This program is great, it allows you to download your DVD movies and CD Music to your PS3 console and organizes it with the software program included in this package.  Software is brand new and complete in the original package.

You will get the following:

  • Software DVD
  • Instruction manual
  • Original Box

Enjoy your favorite movies, music and images on your PS3.
Rip DVDs and CDs directly for hassle-free use. Automatically download your favorite music from Podcasts you can subscribe to. Transfer images that you can conveniently scale, resize and optimize to your preference.

Product Features

  • Transfer your DVD movies to your PS3
  • Automatically scale, resize, optimize and transfer images
  • Easily group and name images by folder
  • Rip audio straight from a CD
  • Name tracks automatically with CDDB

- Manage and transfer audio, video and image files -
Converts almost any type of video file including HD (e.g mkv's, avi's, 1080p, 720p, etc). Will convert them to fit a size like 4gb FAT32 memory stick or HDD so you can play them on your PS3.

You can even do fancy things like crop or zoom the screen to be a different size. Set the quality to what you want it to be (1080p, 720p, 480p, lower. Audio bitrate, data quality bitrate, etc).

- Subscribe to podcasts -
Subscribe and download podcasts to your PC or convert them to a USB stick and watch on you PS3

- Rip CDs and DVDs direct to your memory card -

- Exchange and download game saves -
Had a community of PS3 Max Media Manager ownners who exchange game saves for all games. Really easy to use, you can get game saves and share yours with others - easy to use, just click a button.

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