NEW Insignia NS-GN3DSSK101 Starter Kit for Nintendo New 2DS XL 3DS XL 3DS 2DS

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You will receive the following (if it's not listed directly below, it's not included):

  • Universal portfolio case
  • Hear-Safe headphones
  • Universal stylus pen
  • Micro car adapter
  • Retail Packaging


You love exploring new worlds. You love taking on the role of a wide range of characters and conquering villains that are the stuff of nightmares. But your favorite thing about your New 3DS XL is its portability. Make sure you keep your device safe on the go and have the necessary accessories on hand with this starter kit.This starter kit contains a portfolio case with an EVA shell, padded compartment and zipper closure to protect your New 3DS XL, 3DS XL, 3DS or 2DS against accidental damage. Listen to game audio without worrying about disrupting others with the included Hear-Safe headphones. Control gameplay with precision using the universal stylus pen. The kit also comes with a micro car adapter that allows you to recharge your device in your vehicle, so you can game for as long as you want.

  • Includes a universal portfolio case, Hear-Safe headphones, a universal stylus pen and a micro car adapter
  • Safeguard your New 2DS XL, 3DS XL, 3DS or 2DS against damage with the universal portfolio case, which features an EVA shell, a padded compartment and a zipper closure
  • Enjoy private listening while you're in the company of others with the Hear-Safe headphones
  • Input commands with accuracy using the universal stylus pen
  • Replenish your device on the go with the micro car adapter