NEW BATTERY for Microsoft Xbox 360 LIVE Wireless Headset rechargeable 180mA halo

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[X87-.2] For sale is a brand new replacement rechargeable battery for an Xbox 360 Wireless Headset.  Battery is brand new and works perfectly guaranteed! 
If your Xbox's wireless headset needs a new battery, this is what you need. Installation is easy; simply solder the cables onto the board - red to yellow, and black to blue, as shown in the photos. The battery with the yellow and blue cables will be replaced with the battery with the red and black cables.  3 out of 4 wireless headsets that are dead with no power are a bad battery, replacing it with our battery will give you a 75% of fixing it!  Much cheaper then buying a new headset.
You will be receiving the following:
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Battery
  • Red and Black Connecting Cables for soldering onto the headset's board

Battery specs: 3.7 volts, 180mAh

This also will replace the battery in the HALO 3 (green) and Halo Reach (silver) headsets that look identical to the white ones.

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