Game Party Nintendo Wii 2007 Video Game darts table hockey hoop shoot [Used/Refurbished]

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You will receive the following (if it's not listed directly below, it's not included):

  • Game Disc
  • Game Case w/Graphics Insert 


Celebrate the unique features of your Nintendo Wii with Game Party, a collection of fun and familiar challenges from all over the world. Featuring Darts, Table Hockey, Hoop Shoot, Trivia Contests and more, Game Party has something for everyone. Aim, shoot and answer to the best of your ability in games you probably already know how to play. All this fun is made possible with the unique Wii Remote that gets you out of your chair and on your feet. Each game takes place in an exciting environment designed specifically for that activity. 

Throw darts in a British eatery, shoot hoops in a sports entertainment center and visit other fascinating areas. Participate as one of more than 175 characters, 50 of which become available as you complete more and more activities. Try your skills in fun-filled single-player or multiplayer games. Watch yourself rise through the ranks as your name moves up the leaderboard. There's always new laughs and joys to be found when you are part of the Game Party.