DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution Max Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Video Game DISC ONLY [Used/Refurbished]

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  • Game Disc


Straight from the arcades, DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution debuts on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Step into the spotlight and put your skills to the test as you move to the groove. Experience maximum dancing with all-new songs and game modes, high-energy pulsating music and stunning graphics. The evolution of the revolution awaits you!

Over 65 songs spanning 100+ minutes of authentic dance music, including house, techno, drum 'n' bass, R&B and trance

New nonstop challenge mode, freeze arrows, gameplay options, and hidden songs

Customize your own dance steps in Edit Mode and get in shape with the Workout Mode

Links with Dance Dance Revolution KONAMIX for special features

Re-create the arcade hit experience in your living room with Konami's Dance Dance Revolution Controller (sold separately)

Multiple difficulty settings make DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution easy to learn for all ages to enjoy