2 X NEW Guitar Hero World Tour DRUM CYMBAL CABLE Wire Cord Wii/Xbox 360/PS3/PS2

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For sale is a pair of brand NEW cymbal cable for Band Hero and Guitar Hero World Tour drum sets. Your purchase is for TWO cables. Cable will replace either the left or right hand side cymbal cable. Please read below to see why we offer the best replacement cymbal cable available. Installation instructions are also available via video below as well. Will replace right or left cable in all World Tour Drum sets and all compatible Band Hero sets including: Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, PS2 and PS3!

Why purchase our cables?

  • BRAND NEW cables, not used or taken out of a drum set
  • USA Construction with quality cabling and connectors
  • 47" long with an extra inch of slack so they will not break!
  • Replaces both the right or left side cymbal cable

Will replace cables from the drum set shown in the first 2 photos, will not replace cables in the newer version of the drum set found with most Nintendo Wii Band Sets.

If your viewing this listing, your Guitar Hero World Tour or Band Hero drums cymbal has gone bad. We had this same issue and looked everywhere for a new replacement cable and could not find any. So we contacted one of the largest cable manufacturers in the business and had the cables made for us.
We offer these New replacement cables to the public at an incredible price for such great value. Our cable is superior to the original cable in every way. For starters the issue with the original cable was it was too short and did not have enough slack for hits on the cymbals. This caused the connection end to either pop off or break away from the cable and render it useless. The standard cymbal cables are only 26" long for the left side and 21" for the right side. So we decided to make a 47" cable which has more than enough length and will work on either side! The cables have the exact same connections on each side so our cable will replace either the Right or Left side cymbal cables. Next there is a "cube-like" tooling on the cable that allows the cable to install in the posts where the cymbals sit. The distance between the original cube and connector plug was only 5", our cable is 6". This allows more than enough slack between the cymbal and the post and will not break off like the standard cable does. We also have higher grade USA manufactured cabling and connectors in the construction of this cable so you will not have to replace it again in the future. Our cable was lab tested and is much superior to the original cable guaranteed!
Cable will replace both the left or right cymbal cable. Contact us if you need to purchase in large quantities.